The wine and alcoholic beverages industry continues to show potential as celebrities build their names in the sector.

Cameron Diaz - Avaline

The Avaline Rosé has become a popular choice for the holidays. The French wine is vegan and adds a zest of melon. Like all other Avaline wines, this holiday favorite is free of GMOs and other additives such as coloring and sugars.

Diaz's wine company was launched with Katherine Power in July and since then the brand has started making rounds in the industry.

Just this month, Diaz announced that Avaline now had a sparkling wine range. Called Avaline Sparkling, the new wine range was created "to toast all the beautiful things in life that deserve to be celebrated," the "Charlie's Angels" star said.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul - Dos Hombres

"Breaking Bad" leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul launched Dos Hombres last year with the Espadin agave brand fast-becoming a favorite among other A-listers.

In June, the business partners credited the great taste of their mescal to the producers in Mexico's small village of San Luis del Rio. It has been distilling mescal for many years, giving them the expertise and knowledge necessary to create smooth spirits.

The two actors played unforgettable characters in five seasons of the Vince Gilligan crime drama that broke viewership ratings and received rave reviews from industry analysts and critics.

Cranston, who is an awarded actor, was last seen in legal drama "Your Honor."

Kate Hudson - King Street Vodka

King St. was launched late in 2019 by "Almost Famous" actor Kate Hudson, and since then, reviewers have given her alkaline-crafted liquor excellent ratings.

The vodka has been a joiner in top alcoholic beverage lists since it was launched. Like Diaz and Power's wine brand, King St. Vodka is GMO-free and premium-made. It also promises heavy hydration.

Upon launching her vodka brand, Hudson said she did some research on whether the vodkas on her home bar were women-founded and she found none were. "So, I decided to make my own just the way I like it," she said.

Ryan Reynolds - Aviation Gin

Over the past year, Ryan Reynolds has appeared in ads for different companies, but he also made headlines after a recent ad that featured Aviation Gin, a brand he purchased a stake in.

The latest parody video not only made viewers laugh but also racked up a lot of interest from alcohol brand consumers who weren't aware Reynolds was already a connoisseur.

Aside from Aviation Gin, Reynolds also has a mobile company, Mint Mobile, and he co-launched marketing agency and production company Maximum Effort with studio marketing expert George Dewey.