Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue to face divorce rumors for months now. While none of these things were true, the most recent allegation seemingly gives a different tone as sources named Jeffree Star as one of the reasons behind it.

Gossip Cop recently released a report about the matter as the rumors persist on obtaining a much bigger audience these past few days. It all started when TikTok star Ava Louise shared that the Yeezus artist "has been allegedly hooking up" with a male beauty guru from YouTube. Louise noted, though, that she emphasized the word "alleged" but, clarified that her source is "legit."

The bombshell revelation immediately blew up on the platform, and, later on, reached Twitter. Netizens consequently found clues and concluded that the TikTok figure was talking about Jeffree Star.

The rumors linking Kanye West to the YouTube make-up guru hit new heights after several other TikTok users shared their insights on the controversy. One of the platform's top stars even presented pieces of evidence, proving that West and Star do have links to each other.

Apart from living in the same community in Calabasas, the make-up mogul, also, previously purchased a property in Wyoming, where the "Closed On Sunday" singer is allegedly living apart from his family. Moreover, netizens noticed that Jeffree Star "deleted" some of his old posts on Twitter about Kanye West, making the whole narrative quite more intriguing.

But, amid all the discussions about the rumored affair between West and Star, Gossip Cop stated that no one could confirm the authenticity of the allegations. Nevertheless, reports claimed that the two celebrities had not been seen in public together yet since then.

The rumors appear to have emerged following Page Six's report on Tuesday. Unnamed sources claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce because the reality star is already "done."

Insiders, also, asserted that the KKW Beauty founder hired Laura Wasser, a prominent divorce attorney to the stars, adding that they are now in "settlement talks." Furthermore, Kardashian has not, reportedly, been seen wearing her wedding band.

While all parties involved have yet to release official statements, sources close to the West couple denied all the rumors about the rapper and the YouTube star, according to E! News. But, as for the reports about the couple's divorce, different kinds of allegations remain apparent. While some dismiss the tales of split, others continue to give additional details, further alleging that Kim and Kanye are already heading toward an imminent divorce.