LG highlighted its rollable phone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 and revealed they will release the model this year.

In events like the CES 2021, tech companies normally outdo each other in terms of presentation to wow the audience. Some video presentations involve concept products that exist only on drawing boards and in the minds of the companies' engineers. This is why when LG showed a video during the CES 2021 highlighting a rollable phone, everyone thought it was a concept product until company officials announced the rollable smartphone is real and they intend to launch it in 2021.


The LG Rollable, according to the company, has a "unique resizable screen" that extends from the smartphone and turns it into a small tablet display. The screen then slides in and out of place so users get to enjoy a bigger screen area. In a statement to Nikkei Asia, a business media outlet covering the CES event, an LG spokesperson revealed that their company wanted everyone to see that the LG Rollable phone model is a real device and not just a product of rumors surrounding similar rollable devices. "As it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year," the LG spokesperson said.

Nikkei also revealed that LG is currently working with BOE Technology Group, a Chinese tech manufacturing company, on the company's rollable screen technology. LG, however, did not confirm as to the type of display tech that their Rollable is using, nor provide any details as to the new smartphone's display sizes. What is clear, at this point, is that the LG Rollable is real and the company intends to launch it in 2021, as the LG spokesperson stated during the CES event.

The video that LG presented during the CES 2021 event showing the LG Rollable phone may be fleeting but it showed everyone that it is real after all. It also allowed the audience to have a closer look at the upcoming rollable smartphone. Many say that the decision of LG to launch the rollable device in 2021 is not that surprising since the company already let it slip last year that it is working on such device type. This did not prevent rumors from swirling once more, indicating that LG might release its rollable in March of this year.

LG began working on the Rollable phone technology as part of their "Explorer Project" experiments a year or two ago. The company's project produced several products like the LG Wing, a smartphone that has two OLED displays and a rotating design. Now that the company revealed during the CES 2021 event that their "Explorer Project" has come up with yet another innovative product in the form of its LG Rollable phone, which the company confirmed is real and set to launch in 2021, other smartphone manufacturers would definitely follow suit and seriously look at the possibility of producing their own rollable.