Everyone's attention is now on Attack on Titan Chapter 137 as the manga series only has three chapters to drop before it officially comes to an end. As the turn of events is getting pretty intense, Eren may finally appear after being out of the picture for so long.

Eren may meet Armin and Zeke in the Path in Attack on Titan Chapter 137. According to BlockToro, the Path may play a major role in the new chapter's storyline.

Zeke and Armin already met at the said channel, where the plan to kill Eren and stop the Rumbling might be developed. Eren may explain himself here, revealing the reason why he wants to kill everyone.

Fans can also see a series of major fights happening in the new installment. There are even speculations that Levi will soon meet his demise, although that remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, Republic World noted Attack on Titan Chapter 137 might feature the brewing romance between Annie and Armin. As Eren's best friend, Armin may play a huge role at the end of the series.

The new chapter's plot may focus on how Armin will use his wits to create a plan that will stop the Rumbling. Annie, on the other hand, is confident that she can rescue Armin in time.

In addition, fans may also see Zeke talking to Eren and explaining about the Titan powers. Until now, nobody knows where Eren is or if he even has a body. Will he finally appear in the next chapter?

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 is set to be out on Tuesday, February 9, in Japan. HITC explained it would drop a day earlier, Monday, February 8, in different parts of the world.

Fans revealed the new chapter's release would happen the day before Mikasa's birthday occurs, just like the previous chapter last year. At the time, it featured the death of Hanji, which was out a couple of days before her birthday.

Talking about the spoilers, Attack on Titan Chapter 137's raw scans may drop a few days before the official release date comes. However, it is also possible that there will be no spoilers or even leaks at all, just like in Chapter 136.

It may have something to do with the newly-implemented stricter anti-piracy law in Japan that prohibited releasing manga spoilers as the hardworking creators are not earning anything from it. Instead, the only updates fans will get are from the official previews and magazine covers.

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