Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration will take place in less than a week. Apart from it being a historical event, it has become even more news-worthy these days because of Donald and Ivanka Trump.

Before Twitter suspended his account, the U.S. President confirmed his absence on the 20th. However, the case is different for the First Daughter as she will make an appearance at the event, according to the Daily Express.

The assertions first came from a "White House insider," who gave out the details to the Daily Mail. As stated, Ivanka wants to be at Biden and Harris' inauguration "to come across as a good sport."

But, many individuals, reportedly, believe that Trump's daughter is just "concerned that her political career is in jeopardy." Hence, she is "doing whatever she can to save her reputation."

Whatever her reasons are, though, sources claimed that Donald Trump is "up in arms about her decision," according to the New Zealand Herald. As explained, the U.S. President wants the family to "put on a united front."

The insiders continued that Trump sees it as an "insult" that Ivanka Trump wants to "engage with the crooks that are trying to bring him down." He, also, allegedly, told his daughter that attending the inauguration "will cost her thousands of supporters" and referred to the move as her "worst decision."

 But, amid all the talks, Ivanka Trump remains silent about the issue. She has yet to confirm her attendance or whether the reports are true. Nevertheless, netizens shared their respective opinions on social media platforms.

The same publication covered some of the Twitter users' posts, with many of them mocking and criticizing the First Daughter. The majority of them appear to have questioned her "capacity" to attend the historical event.

While some people used gifs and memes to poke fun at her, others blatantly used words to mock her possible appearance on the 20th. Many individuals even added that they have no knowledge of the Bidens, inviting Ivanka to attend the engagement.

On Wednesday, a separate report from the Daily Mail stated that witnesses saw the First Daughter back in New York. It was just the day after Don Jr returned to the Big Apple.

Based on the photos and clips, Ivanka Trump was leaving a hair salon in Midtown Manhattan. She was wearing an all-black ensemble, with her trousers, sweater, and tuxedo jacket match her face mask. She, also, donned a pair of heeled boots for the outing.