Jill Biden and Joe Biden will move into the White House after the inauguration. The historical event will take place on January 20, 2021, and will officially mark the commencement of Biden's administration in the United States.

Weeks ahead of their relocation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hello! magazine reported that the incoming First Lady sparked a "major transformation" after federal procurement documents reveal about the planned revamping of the restrooms at the East Wing. As stated, TMZ obtained the papers, which name the project as "EW Restroom Refresh."

The documents, also, state that the entire renovations entail a hefty price tag, amounting to over $1.2 million. The revamp will focus only on the two-story structure where the former Second Lady will assume her office.

 Apart from the "restroom refresh," another $127,000 will be spent on the "deep-cleaning" for Joe and Jill Biden's arrival. It, reportedly, makes total sense as the outgoing First Family contracted COVID-19 a few months ago.

The documents, also, outline "carpet cleaning" within all 132 rooms inside the property. The cost of the process amounts to $44,000 on top of all the other prices.

Despite the disclosure of the cost figures, though, reports said that the specific jobs included in the overall revamp remain undisclosed. But, the documents have already revealed that Holmes Mechanical Contractors, a local minority-owned contractor, will spearhead the renovation.

As for the timeline of the project, the target date of completion is in mid-May, four months after the inauguration. Hence, it appears that the incoming First Lady, as well as her staff, will "reap the restroom rewards" for almost the entirety of her husband's term.

Renovations and revamps on the premises of the White House are no longer a new thing. This always happens when a new administration takes over the Oval Office.

Following Jill Biden's husband's victory earlier in November, Architectural Digest released a brief report about the possible designs that will best fit the Bidens' stay in the estate. The publication noted that it would be an "opportunity of a lifetime" for one decorator to take over the redesigning and redecoration of the People's House, much like what happened to Michael Smith under the Obamas and Tham Kannalikham under the Trumps.

Eight creative designers, then, shared how they would decorate the White House under Joe and Jill Biden's stay in it. While the ideas all differ from one another, it has appeared that they all agree to the notion that Biden's victory and relocation to the estate is a "fresh start."