Kamala Harris will officially become the Vice President of the United States in less than three weeks. While many Americans continue to celebrate the ticket's victory against Trump's line-up, some sectors of the society recently expressed their concerns about the incoming Second In Command.

On Saturday, a porn star penned a piece for The Daily Beast, explaining why the adult industry is "terrified" of the U.S. Senator. RT, then, reported that many of the involved individuals know Harris's "history of targeting" sex workers and adult performers.

In her piece, Cherie DeVille noted that they are all "worried stiff" about the American leader's election. She added that the Vice President-Elect would bring a "lifetime of animosity toward sex workers" to the Number One Observatory Circle and eventually to the White House.

Deville continued that she struggles to keep track of the politicians who are against sex workers. Although most of them "hate porn stars," it is, reportedly, "hard to stand out" from the rest. But, the case is different with Kamala Harris.

The veteran adult actress emphasized how much the American senator is against sex work. She said that Harris had already come on the industry's radar many years ago. Even during her time as a San Francisco district attorney, many porn stars and adult performers have been raising concerns about the politician.

Cherie DeVille, also, "blasted" the incoming Vice President's move to oppose San Francisco's initiative to "legalize prostitution," as well as to prosecute the owners of a "classified ad website." Accordingly, she pointed out how much the industry needs "public support to prevent Harris from pushing against sex work in the Oval Office."

Following the scathing piece, Kamala Harris remains tight-lipped about the matter. She has not released any statement or comment about the issue.

The Vice President-Elect continues to stay active, though, on social media. During the holiday season, she kept her fans and followers updated about her movements and activities. By the new year, she, also, posted a series of tweets, sharing her realizations and wishes for 2021.

She said that she is 'filled with optimism" that the public has the ability to do "good, hard, necessary work" to continue moving forward despite all the challenges. She ended her post with a simple wish for everyone to have a "happy and healthy new year."

Several netizens greeted Kamala Harris back and expressed their adoration for her. Some even thanked her and Joe Biden for giving the United States a new hope come the new year.