Kamala Harris will become the first female Vice President of the United States and first Asian-American to hold an office inside the White House. She will assume office after the inauguration this January, alongside the U.S. President-Elect, Joe Biden.

Before joining the race, she was serving the country as a junior senator from California, with advocacies centering on progressive tax and healthcare reforms. She built her credentials upon launching a career in law. But, it was her direct "questioning" of Trump's administration officials that sparked her nationwide popularity.

Many people became drawn to her because of her achievements. Several individuals praise and adore her, including even Meghan Markle. This is why speculations have since emerged that she might do a collaboration with the ingoing Vice President in the next few months or years.

The Daily Express recently reported about the possible collaborative works that the two women may do in the future. While sources close to the Duchess of Sussex stated that she has no plans to work with the Vice President-Elect, experts had other views in mind.

Some individuals, reportedly, suggested that Meghan Markle will likely use her production company, as well as her deal with Netflix, to get an interview with Kamala Harris. Other experts added that the two women might, also, work on a "non-political podcast."

As the theories continue to develop, the public's negative reception about the matter grows, as well. Considering that the Sussexes are still members of the British Royal Family, many believe that collaborating with the ingoing Vice President is a form of support, which seemingly equates to meddling.

Experts argued, however, that film and podcast interviews may still "preserve" the Duchess of Sussex's neutrality. But, this may only happen if they focus only on issues that do not directly tackle politics, such as social media regulation and "hate speech." Aside from preserving the former working royal's neutrality to politics, these materials may help Kamala Harris in expanding her reach further to promote her platforms.

The Duchess of Sussex has not congratulated nor complimented the Vice President-Elect on public platforms yet. But, reports believe that she has already reached out to Kamala Harris via private means.

9Honey, later on, reported that the two women have subtly expressed adoration toward each other in the past. Back in August, Meghan Markle seemingly applauded Kamala Harris's appointment while speaking to Gloria Steinem. She shared her joy and stated that it pleases her to see a "woman of color" running for position inside the White House.

Meanwhile, Harris showed her support to the former working royal following the latter's interview with Tom Bradby. She publicly shared it on social media, noting that she stands "with" Meghan.