Despite the problems caused by the coronavirus, the WWE heavyweight showdown between Drew McIntyre and Bill Goldberg will push through at the 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble. It will be one of the main cards to watch although most may have gotten a glimpse of things to come.

An Instagram photo showing the WWE Hall of Famer with the title belt sent off mixed signals. It somehow depicts that McIntyre is set to lose the belt and probably set up another showdown at Wrestlemania 37.

On cue, not all were coy to the idea. Most know how the script will pan out. Most feel that the WWE card will end early. This is nothing new, especially for those who have followed the career of the former WCW star.

The match went through some anxious moments, particularly when it was learned that McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19. The 35-year-old was absent at the Jan. 11 edition of WWE Raw, a show where most expected the “Scottish Psychopath” to accept the challenge of Goldberg.

But despite his absence, the match was sealed when McIntyre appeared on video to seal the deal. The only problem right now is that the WWE may have to rely on technology to build the fight since McIntyre will be quarantined for the next two weeks. The WWE Royal Rumble is set for Jan. 31.

Despite the criticism on making the match, it remains something to look forward to. The one who will benefit the most is McIntyre, someone who has been rising among the ranks. However, the WWE needs to make sure that all personnel and stars are well-taken care of, particularly when it comes to COVID-19 protocols.

It appears that McIntyre was not the only one who tested positive for COVID-19. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, three other WWE stars were found to be positive for COVID-19. Their identities were not revealed although one allegedly came from SmackDown, another from WWE NXT and the third is someone returning from quarantine.

Hence, upcoming shows and the WWE Royal Rumble may require the promotion to improve their methods to avoid seeing more stars testing positive for the coronavirus. It was not mentioned but the best thing that the WWE can do right now adopts stricter measures to make sure that everyone and upcoming shows remain safe.