The WWE has produced its fair share of female stars although it was not easy. When women were given the chance to crowd their male counterparts roughly decades ago, only a few names came to mind.

Among the names that ring a bell include Trish Stratus and Lita (Amy Dumas). There was a time that these two lorded it over even before the WWE Divas tag came out.

Lita and Stratus were also gifted in the ring and were more than a pretty face. However, the two had to also align with what the WWE creative team wanted them to do – even the controversial ones.

The 45-year-old bared a controversial story from 2006. At that time, Lita was in a relationship storyline with Edge. The Rated-R was coming off a big win at the WWE pay-per-view New Year’s Revolution over John Cena and was to hold a celebration.

The celebration was a live sex celebration to be held in the middle of the ring between Lita and Edge. The WWE Diva was pretty uncomfortable with it and revealed that it was something she did not want to do. However, she was threatened by being potentially fired if she did not participate via her Twitch account.

Cena and Edge were other stars who were against it. The segment still went on since it was allegedly something that WWE CEO Vince McMahon liked.

After that, things just went downhill for Lita. Though she was able to still capture the Women’s title, her image was severely tarnished with people calling her names such as “ho” or “cracked whore.” Her last match came a year after that incident, losing the Women’s Championship to Mickie James at Survivor Series.

Aside from that, Lita was also beset by injuries from there. She still made several short-time appearances but her tenure as a WWE Diva and championship figure were way gone.

Lita remains a WWE face that most will recall and the whole negative image thing is now a thing of the past. She was gifted with a place in the WWE Hall of Fame although her recent revelations could be telling.

McMahon or the WWE has yet to react to Lita’s claims. They may not bother to do so considering it is something in the past. But what the former WWE Women’s champion showed is that talents need to do their role even if it meant placing their stature on the line.