BTS has been in the industry for seven years, but RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have been together for about a decade. That said, the boys have witnessed each other’s best and worst personalities throughout the years.

During 2019 BTS FESTA, Jin revealed who among the members have the “most positive changes.” Mr. Worldwide Handsome started by sharing that V is a very unique individual. He said that the “Sweet Night” singer is someone who would do the opposite of what he was told.

Jin and V have a three-year age gap, so their mindsets were not on the same page at the time. The “Moon” singer was already in his twenties when BTS debuted, while the younger member was only a teenager. They also have a very different family background.

However, Jin noted that he didn’t see V’s unique personality as something negative. He shared that the “Stigma” singer was just a very free-spirited young boy.

While they understand V’s attitude, Jin revealed that there were discussions regarding V’s ways and he eventually changed for the better. “Out of everyone in the group, he’s had the most positive changes,” Jin said.

V explained that the reason why he changed is that his happiness has changed. He shared that as he grows older, he realized that his true happiness is being with the people he loves and not just the positive things that happened when he was a kid.

“What made me happy before was when everything was great for me. But now, having all seven BTS members happy together is what makes me truly happy. That change has made me who I am today,” V said.

Meanwhile, Jungkook previously shared an update of his relationship with V. In one of the episodes of In The Soop, the Golden Maknae said that he and V were very close when they were younger but admitted that a gap formed between them.

“He was the easiest person to talk to before. But as we started spending time on our own, there was a side of things that started to feel a bit awkward with V,” Jungkook said, adding that V used to joke around all the time, but became more reserved now.

Instead of leaving things as they were, V and Jungkook had a heart-to-heart talk to revive their bond. They recalled that they were scolded together before, and V even said that they were “partners in crime.” Of course, the pair’s much-needed talk made ARMYs very happy and quickly trended “Taekook” on Twitter.