When you're not getting enough fiber, you tend to feel sluggish, bloated, and heavy. Slowly adding Metamucil to your diet is convenient enough to start making a change in how you feel in just two weeks.

However, Metamucil has also been linked with many side effects, causing us to question if it is safe and successful for weight loss.

Let's find out whether Metamucil will help you lose weight and whether you can use it for that reason.

What is Metamucil?

Metamucil is a fiber supplement made of psyllium husk, a compound extracted from the seeds of Plantago ovata, also known as blond plantain. It is widely used to enhance digestive health, lower cholesterol, reduce appetite, and improve blood sugar levels.

Studies say that taking Metamucil can help alleviate appetite, improve the sense of fullness, and increase weight loss. However, Metamucil and related fiber products should not be used as a weight-loss product.

In fact, certain individuals can have minor stomach symptoms, including gas, bloating, or belching. Be sure, to begin with, a low dose and increase your intake steadily to avoid adverse side effects.

It is also necessary to ensure that you drink enough water while taking Metamucil, as it has been shown to cause significant side effects, such as intestinal obstruction, when taken without enough fluids.

If you have diabetes or a history of gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, you must speak to a health care provider before taking fiber supplements such as Metamucil.

You can also contact a health care professional if you are taking any other medications, as Metamucil can interfere with the absorption of some types of drugs.


Increasing your fiber intake by using soluble fiber supplements such as Metamucil can help reduce hunger and appetite to promote weight loss. However, it can also conflict with some treatments, which can cause stomach symptoms for some patients, including bloating, belching, and vomiting.

Owing to these risks, Metamucil can only be taken by contacting the healthcare provider. In addition, considering some of their possible weight-loss advantages, Metamucil and related fiber supplements should not be used as weight loss products.

A healthier option will be to try to consume more soluble-fiber-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, and legumes. These foods can not only improve your fiber intake to help weight loss but may also include a range of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support optimal health.