Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun will appear on the upcoming episode of Flavor of Wife after the latter was eliminated from survival show Miss Trot 2.

The couple generated interest among the viewers after Kim Sa Eun's controversial sudden death performance on Miss Trot 2, All Kpop reported.

It can be recalled that Kim Sa Eun lost by a landslide last week after she appeared on stage with her husband, Sungmin. The couple shocked the viewers and the judges by ending their number with a passionate kiss. As a result, Kim Sa Eun received zero votes from the judges of the show, and she was eliminated from the program.

The performance became a hot topic on threads and social media as netizens discussed Kim Sa Eun's shocking loss. Some fans said that even though they were husband and wife, kissing on stage for a musical show was not appropriate. They said judges of the show might have felt the same way because Kim Sa Eun's performance was well-received up to that point.

Some theorized that Sungmin's appearance might have played a part in the result. It can be recalled that Sungmin's re-entry as an active member of Super Junior has been contested by hardcore ELFs for the past years because they have not forgiven him and his wife for betraying their trust with their wedding in 2014.

In 2014, Sungmin married Kim Sa Eun, but fans immediately called for his dismissal from Super Junior. Some fans felt that Sungmin mishandled his relationship news.

This was why, even during Super Junior's comeback in 2017, ELFs threatened to boycott the album if Label SJ includes him in the lineup.

For Chosun TV's Flavor of Wife episode, Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun are expected to share more details about their performance on Miss Trot 2. This will be the couple's first appearance on a reality show as husband and wife.

While Sungmin dips his toes into reality TV, other members of Super Junior are preparing for their upcoming comeback in February.

Super Junior is set to release their 10th studio album The Renaissance on February 15. The album was initially intended for release in time with Super Junior's 15th debut anniversary last year, but it was delayed by Label SJ to fully complete the title track and deliver an album worthy of the ELFs long wait.

The label ensured that the members are preparing hard for their comeback, Annyeongoppa reported.