For February, Apple is launching a new Apple Watch 'Unity' activity challenge to commemorate Black History Month.

Apple is launching a new activity challenge and this one relates to the timely message of 'unity' amidst the discord that besieged the country for the past several weeks. Called the Apple Watch 'Unity' challenge, the Cupertino tech giant says it is launching the activity to commemorate Black History Month, which will be in February.

While the achievement badge is only a simple visual flair, most Apple Watch users collect them, as they are great motivators. In the case of past activity challenges launched by Apple, many say it inspired them to engage in more exercises. In the case of the new Apple Watch 'Unity' activity challenge, it is more about a call for everyone to unite and move forward. What made the activity challenge more significant is Apple chose to have it during February in honor of Black History Month.

An Exclusive Badge

According to Apple, this is the first year it will hold an Apple Watch 'Unity' activity challenge in honor of Black History Month in February. Like other activity challenges, the activity involved using Apple Watch to keep fit and as a means for Apple to guide its users to benefit from the device's workout tracking functionalities. The activity is set to run from February 1 through February 28 and motivates users to commemorate Black History Month by closing the Move ring consecutively for seven days.

If you complete the 'Unity' activity challenge, you will receive an exclusive badge from Apple to indicate that you successfully finished the activity for February, which is in honor of Black History Month. You can access the special badge in your device's Activity app. Along with the badge, Apple will also reward you with stickers that you can use in FaceTime and Messages.

Apple Watch Activity Challenges

Apple also launched several activity challenges in the past, the most notable of which is its seemingly annual "Ring in the New Year" activity challenge. Like February's Unity activity challenge, which is in honor of Black History Month, the "Ring in the New Year" activity challenge involved physical tasks that you need to complete within a specified period, though more strenuous. Apple Watch users need to stand, exercise, and do other tasks for seven days in a row in January.

The Cupertino tech giant will notify Apple Watch users about the Unity activity challenge on their devices before it commences on February 1. Apple will also notify users that the challenge is in honor of Black History Month. Will you participate in Apple's newest challenge? Comment down below so everyone will know you are taking part in the activity.