Tesla has started rolling out the promised upgrades for its most popular electric vehicle - the Model 3. The feature bumps are being delivered over-the-air for the units already on the road and for the new deliveries, users will be getting a combo of software and hardware improvements. And the best part, the EV now sells with significant discounts.

Specifically for the UK versions, the 2021 Model 3 received enhancements for a more convenient EV driving experience plus a touch of aesthetics. The car's interior now boasts of a more prominent center console and a few add-ons such as wired and wireless charging capabilities.

Notably, Tesla added a 20-inch alloy wheel option for the Model 3 Performance in support of the increased driving range that is now a standard for all fresh deliveries. According to Car Dealer Magazine, the range boost was implemented across the board so would-be buyers will get to enjoy extended driving coverage per charge.

This is true for all the Tesla EVs - the Model 3, Model S, Model Y, and Model X - offered by the automaker in the UK and Europe.

Also, to make it easier to acquire and use a Tesla EV in the UK, the company decided to add six more dealerships in the country and expanded the reach of Supercharging stations, which now count 20 locations and 180 Superchargers. This should be a compelling case for Tesla fans in the country to finally make the switch to an all-electric ride.

It is noteworthy that Tesla's big push in Europe is likewise being felt in Germany. The Model 3 in the country saw an overnight price adjustment that chopped off considerable euros from the previous price marks. Electrek reported that the Model 3 Performance now retails for €54,990, and the new sticker price represents a discount of €3,490.

For those planning to purchase the Long Range AWD and Standard Range Plus variants of the Model 3, the savings could range between €2,500 and €3,000. What prompted the cut-price move is unclear for now but it could be that Tesla is preparing to align its pricing models in the continent to the envisioned level when the Gigafactory in Berlin becomes operational.

Presently, the Tesla EVs reaching Europe are sourced from Giga Shanghai in China and it's expected that the price levels in the region will be more attractive once Giga Berlin starts its mass production activities.

Per the same report, it's possible too that Tesla's price adjustments for the Model 3 is the automaker's way of undercutting the emerging competition in Europe. While Tesla remains the dominant player in the continent, rivals are starting to up their game and a prime example is Volkswagen.

Take note that VW is selling the all-electric ID.4 crossover starting at roughly €33,000, which is significantly cheaper and with nearly the same driving range as that of the base Model 3 trim.