Tesla is building a massive manufacturing site in the United States that will be called Giga Texas, which according to CEO Elon Musk will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021. However, the latest update from Austin, the project site, indicated that construction of the facility is proceeding smoothly and production activities could start in the next few months.

Musk previously stated that Giga Texas will be the birthplace of Tesla's upcoming EV lines such as the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck so the plant potentially becoming operational soon is certainly good news. Officially, the ongoing construction in the site will end between October and December this year but the automaker seems optimistic that the production line can be started as early as May.

According to Austin-based publication Community Impact, Tesla reported that Giga Texas is projected to achieve its "first substantial completion date" on the first of May, and that means there will be part of the manufacturing complex that can support a substantial level of operations.

If that will be the case, the same report noted that Tesla commencing the assembly of electric vehicles in the plant will be at sustainable mode. It was not mentioned, however, what particular EV models that the automaker will work on if indeed the May production start is realized.

On this, a hint could be provided by the contract agreement between Tesla and Canadian firm H2O Innovation. The latter was contracted to put up water treatment facilities at Giga Texas and the project is reportedly taking form.

The completion of the water treatment facilities will signal that Giga Texas is all set to come online. That's because this component of the factory will play a crucial role when large-scale vehicle production is started, Teslarati reported.

To be specific, it is believed that Tesla's water treatment facilities will optimize the Cybertruck production. Because the electric pickup will make use of solid steel material for its body, it is anticipated that shaping this steel into the Cybertruck exterior sheet will require a sizeable amount of water.

It makes sense then that Tesla will want the water treatment part of Giga Texas to be fully ready once the wholesale production of the Cybertruck is started. And May is an ideal target date since Musk already indicated that Tesla's pickup truck is geared for a commercial debut in the early months of 2022.

Assembling the Cybertruck early will give a good lead time for Tesla to produce the monster truck in massive numbers. If the company's report will prove correct, the Cybertruck has already attracted reservations of 500,000 units following its November 2019 introduction and Tesla better start on the work to fulfill these orders.