Kim Kibum finally revealed the real reason he left Super Junior. He also revealed why he avoided appearing in variety shows for a long time.

According to a report by Koreaboo, Kibum made the revelation on Heechul's YouTube channel. The former Super Junior member hung out with Heechul and reminisced about their trainee days in SM Entertainment.

Fans were happy to see the two former teammates share details about their close friendship, their humble beginnings, and their common love for PC rooms when they were younger. They also discussed Kibum's reluctance to appear in variety shows.

During their talk, Heechul clarified to viewers that Kibum never tried to use the Super Junior clout to get attention for himself. He said Kibum declined countless offers for an interview because he did not want to use the group's fame, especially since he was no longer part of Super Junior.

In the video, Kibum also confirmed the reason he left Super Junior and SM Entertainment.

Although it was earlier announced that he wanted to focus on his acting career, some people still speculated that there was another reason for Kibum's departure. Heechul asked him if he left Super Junior because he was bullied by the members. Kibum seemed taken aback but laughed off the singer's statement.

Kibum seriously answered the question and maintained that he voluntarily left Super Junior because he wanted to focus on his acting career. It can be recalled that after the promotions for "Sorry Sorry" in 2009, Kibum gradually shifted his attention from music to acting. He went on a temporary hiatus from the group at the time to work on individual projects, Channel Korea reported.

Kibum left SM Entertainment in 2015 after spending a decade with the agency. He opted not to renew his contract with the label after it expired. At the time, his decision was met with mixed reactions. Some fans thought that he did not do his best for Super Junior, but there were those who defended his choice.

Super Junior members also showed their support for Kibum and wished him well in his new endeavor. The members always spoke well about their former co-member and maintained a good relationship with him even after he left the label.

After appearing in several films and dramas in China like Lucky Tianbao and My Kitchen Lover, Kibum signed with Clover Agency in 2019.