Apple is working on an advanced virtual reality (VR) headset, which the company plans to launch in 2022 or about one year ahead of the Apple Glass.

Reports indicate that Apple is putting on finishing touches for a high-end VR headset that it plans to unveil in 2022, about a year ahead of the much-anticipated Apple Glass. According to a Bloomberg report, the headset would include a built-in processor and power supply. Sources familiar with the project also revealed that it could feature a newer chip more powerful than Apple's M1 Silicon processor that is currently powering the Cupertino tech giant's MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Bloomberg also revealed that the high-end VR headset would have a price tag starting at $1,000. The news outlet, however, warned that since the supposed launch date is still too far away, many changes could happen. Apple could even cancel the project altogether without stating the reason why. Like today's report about the Cupertino giant working on a high-end VR headset, which it plans to launch in 2022 ahead of the Apple Glass, there were also similar reports in the past about innovative products that Apple simply killed later.

A Niche Device

Even assuming Apple will not terminate the VR headset project and decides to proceed with its planned launch in 2022, still, most Apple fans might not get their hands on it primarily because of its high price. Sources say the high-end VR headset retails at more than the price of some of the higher-end VR headsets available on the market right now, which reportedly ranges up to $1,000. Reports say that Cupertino does release it ahead of the Apple Glass, the company will offer VR headset as a low-volume niche device for specialist customers.

While the headset reportedly focuses more on VR, it will also have some augmented reality functions, although in a limited capacity. This will allow users to overlay visuals on real-world views that are fed in by the headset's external cameras, much like the rumored feature of the much-anticipated Apple Glass. Since its expected launch date is still in 2022, there is no way to determine whether such a function will truly become available with Apple's high-end VR headset.

High-Tech, High-Performance

Although the Apple Glass is at a late state stage of development, it could follow the high-end VR headset's launch in 2022 or at least a year after. Industry observers say that Apple's strategy here in making a high-tech, high-performance, and pricey device that could sell in small volumes, appears geared towards developing efficiencies that can lower the production cost later and pave the way for the creation of more mass-market devices.