"Among Us," the social deduction multiplayer game developed by Innersloth, is one of the unexpected titles to surge into popularity in 2020. With millions of players enjoying the game, there are some fans who were able to create mini-games and mods to level up their gaming experience. One of these mods is called the God Mod, and players who would like to try the game could find this guide helpful.

What is The God Impostor Mod in "Among Us"

The God Mod is another mini-game within "Among Us." In this mode, the impostor becomes an overpowered player with special powers that can make their task easier. This mod was recently shared on YouTube by content creator InquisitorMaster. Unlike the classic game, this mode provides four new buttons to the impostor. These are Water, Wind, Shock, and Burn. While the rest of the game is played like the classic game, this mod allows impostors to use any of the elements to kill a crewmate.

How To Play The God Impostor Mod in "Among Us"

In the God Mod, Aside from having special powers, impostors can still Sabotage and Kill, just like the standard "Among Us" game. With the addition of the four new buttons, impostors can trap crewmates using the effects of any of the elements. Fire can kill crewmates on impact, while Water, Shock, and Wind can just prevent crewmate's movements for a few seconds.

In this mod, impostors can use the elements to kill multiple crewmates in the same place. Unfortunately, the effect of the element could not impact multiple crewmates at once. This means other crewmates who saw the impostor doing the deed could still escape and reach the Emergency Button to expose the impostor's identity.

To win the game, crewmates still have to complete all their tasks. However, it is recommended that they stay on high alert while doing tasks. Seeing a fire broke out or water flooding somewhere is an indication that the impostor is using his superpower to one or multiple crewmates. The game ends when the impostor kills all the crewmates, or the crewmates finished all the tasks before they get killed.

While the impostor is overpowered in the "Among Us" God Mod, crewmates can still win the matches. Looking at the video shared by InquisitoMaster proves that. Innersloth is currently working on the next map in the game, which is slated to arrive in the early part of this year. "Among Us" is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.