Just like other games, "Among Us" has its growing list of mods that players patronize. Players have a plethora of choices ranging from skin mods that improve the appearance of in-game characters to mods that changes the aspect of the game. There is a new mod called Proximity Voice Chat that attracted interest from the streaming community because of its ability to enhance gameplay.

What Is Proximity Voice Chat Mod in "Among Us"

The Proximity Voice Chat mod was developed by Ottomated. It is a free and Open-Source mod that enables players to voice chat within the game without the need to use a third-party service like Discord. This mod integrates spatial audio, which enables players to hear people that are close to them. This mod can enhance the overall gaming experience while creating a new level of challenge for players. Additionally, it does not require any servers as long as players download a special app called Crewlink.

How To Install Proximity Voice Chat Mod in "Among Us"

To install the Proximity Voice Chat mod, players should visit the CrewLink app page on Github and look for Assets. After that, they should click on the Setup link with the file ending in .exe and download it. Players should look for the downloaded file on their PC's folder and double-click the file to open it.

If a warning notification appears, they should click Run Anyway. It is important that players must make sure that "Among Us" is updated to its latest version before downloading and installing the mod. After that, players should open the CrewLink app and use it to launch the game. With the game running, players can try to host a game, and as soon as they have joined in the lobby, their character will appear in the Crewlink app along with their respective player code.

To make sure that the Voice Proximity Chat mod works, players can check the Settings under the Gear icon and check the box for Voice Activity. If the voice chat is working, players will see a green circle around their in-game character image. Unfortunately, since the mod is hosted on Ottomated's personal server, it has a limited capacity.

As a result, players might need to set up their own voice relay server to use. It is also important to note that all players must use the CrewLink app for the Voice Proximity Chat mod to work. Unfortunately, this mod is only available for PC players. At this time, there is no Voice Proximity Chap mod available for iOS and Android players.