Innersloth's "Among Us" is a social deduction game but at the moment, it only supports the original classic gameplay format. There are fans of the game, however, who want to raise the level of excitement in the game and came up with different mini-games, modes and mod. There is a mode in the game called Jester that makes players a little bit more suspicious about just everybody in the lobby.

What Is The Jester Mode in "Among Us"

The Jester mod is like the mod that introduced the Doctor role in "Among Us." This game mode assigns one player to play the role of a jester. The sole objective of this character is to act as suspicious as possible to get voted out by other players. The mod was introduced by popular streamer Socksfor1, the same content creator who introduced the Doctor mode.

Tips On How To Play The Jester Mode In "Among Us"

Players assigned the role of a jester should act suspicious in the game but not overly suspicious that other players would decide to keep them in the game. To avoid this, the jester needs to show some of their best acting skills to other players. Even if the crewmates are already in the middle of deliberation, the jester should play up their innocence.

The key to succeeding in this role is balance, according to Screenrant. The jester should try to create situations to appear suspicious but not act so obviously guilty that it gives them away. The jester should be careful not to get killed by the impostor. The jester loses the game if he is discovered and killed by the impostor instead of plucked out from the game by a vote.

The jester role is a double-edged sword though. Other players can use the role to their advantage and impostors can look a little too suspicious to project that he is the jester. If this happens, all other players will think he is the jester and keep him in the game. The impostor will then have enough time to kill all the crewmates, even the real jester.

Crewmates, on the other hand, could also act as the jester to stay alive until they have completed their tasks. They are not immune to getting killed by the impostor, however. So they still need to be wary about the impostor. Below is a video of Socksfor1 playing the Jester mod in "Among Us."

Innersloth is currently preparing to launch a new map in "Among Us." The game is currently playable on PC, iOS and Android devices.