The social multiplayer deduction game "Among Us" is one of the most "customized" games today. One of the mini-games developed from players' customization is called the Caveman mode. Here are some important things players should know about this mode, including its rules, formats and how to play it with friends.

What is "Among Us" Caveman Mode

The Caveman mode is one of the many mini-games in "Among Us" and is often referred to as the Pronouns Only Mode. In this mode, every player changes their visible in-game to a pronoun. Players can use the usual pronouns like Him, Me, Someone, Myself, among others. This becomes fun especially during voice interactions and Emergency Meetings where players refer to others and themselves using their 'pronoun names.' Nothing is more fun than listening to the interactions as players seemed like they are primitive humans that are just learning how to communicate.

"Among Us" Caveman Mode Rules

Like all other mini-games and modes in the game, there are some set of rules that players should follow. At the start of the game, players should set their visible character names to any Pronouns in the English language. Players are not allowed to wear any hats, skins, or bring with them pets. They are only allowed to wear one skin color and nothing else.

Impostors are still allowed to sabotage the entire map, but they are not allowed to lock the doors or kill in the vent. Crewmates, on the other hand, can fill all the sabotages created by Impostors. Dead bodies can be reported and Emergency Meetings can be called upon.

In the Caveman mode, players are allowed to vote out members in the meeting. To win the game, Crewmates must finish all the tasks while Impostors need to kill the whole crew. When playing this mode, players are encouraged to be creative. The more diverse the pronouns used, the more fun the conversations get.

Other Details

It is worth noting that it is usually only possible and more practical to play the modded version of "Among Us" through private servers. One of the reasons is that custom games require a high level of cooperation with the house rules so as not to ruin the game. This particular mode can be easily ruined by a player who refuses to follow the rules. It is also more fun if this is played with friends and family.

"Among Us" is set to receive a new map soon. The social multiplayer deduction game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android devices.