Prop Hunt is a game mode featured in most "Call of Duty" titles. The popularity of this mode and its similarity with the hit social deduction game prompted several fans to recreate it in "Among Us." For those wondering how they could also enjoy this mode, they could use some of these tips and tricks.

"Among Us" Prop Hunt Mode Rules

Prop Hunt is another mini-game in "Among Us" that players will definitely like because of its unique approach to the hit multiplayer social deduction game. In this mode, instead of eliminating crewmates, impostors have to find out all the props hiding in plain sight. Players can disguise themselves as certain props in the game and hide in different locations on the map.

Players can turn into a camera, a pizza slice, an electrical outlet, even a dead body or any other props, making it an intuitively challenging mini-game. In this mode, the name of the players are not available and the impostor should declare who they are without revealing the kind of prop the players assumed. This is a little more challenging on the part of the impostor though.

Impostors need to figure out what stands out in the area to identify that these props are not really what they seem they are. Additionally, impostors only have five chances to find all the props hiding.

Prop Hunt Tips And Tricks

When playing the Prop Hunt mode in "Among Us," players must remember that hiding together alongside other crewmates in one spot is a bad strategy. One content creator shared in a video that he tried to be a donut plate on the Cafeteria table and it worked. The location makes it hard for the impostor to reach far enough in the table, restricting him to kill the crewmate. Players can also hide as a dead body during the Prop Hunt mode, making it hard for the impostor to kill them.

How To Download Prop Hunt Mode in "Among Us"

For players who want to experience this mode in "Among Us," YouTuber Spect0rr shared a video detailing the steps on how to install the mod. Aside from the Prop Hunt mod, there are lots of other exciting mods available for "Among Us" players. There is the popular Zombies mod that's also equally interesting and challenging to play.

At the time of this writing, Innersloth is preparing to release its new map called Airship. The gaming studio announced at The Game Awards 2020 that the new map might roll out in the early part of 2021. "Among Us" is playable on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.