There is little doubt that ONEUS has prepared a truly groundbreaking comeback this month. After all, it's their first comeback after celebrating their second year anniversary and DEVIL happens to be their first full album.

Not surprisingly, the music video for the title track "No Diggity" has already reached over 6 million views in less than 48 hours after its release. To thank their fans, ONEUS has released a choreography video for their song "Intro: Devil is in the Detail".

ONEUS released their first full album DEVIL on January 19 and fans couldn't get enough of the idol group's powerful new sound. Most of the 11 tracks in the LP were written by members RAVN, Seoho, and Leedo, and had an astounding impact on Tomoons.

Although fans were quick to admit that they enjoy every song in DEVIL, everyone seemed to agree that "No Diggity" was the perfect choice to be the title track. With that in mind, Tomoons couldn't stop watching the MV for the song, which reached an amazing 2 million views in the first few hours of its release.

It's an awesome feat for ONEUS and their fans, who couldn't help but boast to the idols about the achievement. When ONEUS went on VLive to thank Tomoons for their support, the fans bombarded them with comments about the 2 million views. However, Leedo thought the fans were joking and threatened to report their comments.

Luckily, ONEUS decided to check on the "No Diggity" MV and were delighted to see that their fans were not joking. They immediately promised to work harder for Tomoons.

Amazingly, ONEUS appeared to be rapidly gaining new fans with the release of their first full album DEVIL. Soon after stepping on a major milestone, the "No Diggity" MV reached an astounding 6 million views before the end of the second day.

ONEUS were undoubtedly happy and proud of their fans' achievement and decided to reward Tomoons for all their hard work. At the end of the second day, the idol group dropped a choreography video for their song "Intro: Devil Is In The Detail" which is the first track in the album DEVIL.

There is little doubt that ONEUS will continue to be very successful during their latest comeback. The album sales for DEVIL have been very good and fans are aiming to give the idol group their first music show win. Hopefully, ONEUS and Tomoons will succeed during this comeback.

ONEUS' first full album DEVIL is available now.