A new update in Apple's support document includes details on how using iPhone 12 and MagSafe can affect the normal functions of a pacemaker, posing a serious risk to patients.

Apple, in a new support update, stated that using iPhone 12 and MagSafe might pose a serious risk to patients with pacemakers. This confirmed an earlier finding of a study published in the Heart Rhythm Journal on January 4 saying that the strong magnetic array in these two Apple devices can affect the normal functions of an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) and pacemakers, to the point of causing these medical devices to cease functioning completely.

The Cupertino tech giant previously said that it does not expect the iPhone 12 and MagSafe to pose a bigger risk of magnetic interference to ICDs and pacemakers than prior iPhone models. Recently, a new update in Apple's support document now states that MagSafe and iPhone 12 poses a serious risk to patients with ICDs and pacemakers. The company also detailed how the magnets within the two devices can affect a range of medical apparatus like defibrillators, ICDs, pacemakers, and many other medical implants.

The Danger Of Magnets

Apple revealed that they designed the magnets within its iPhone 12 series and MagSafe accessories to help in the alignment of the devices' wireless charging coils and to keep them attached. Although the magnets are not strong enough to cause any issues to regular users, they can pose a serious risk to patients with ICDs and pacemakers, confirming the results of an earlier study. This prompted Apple to introduce a new update in its support document, warning people with medical conditions who require specialized equipment about the risk if their iPhone gets too close.

The new update on Apple's support page about magnets used in MagSafe and iPhone 12 described how the devices could affect the normal operations of various medical gizmos including implanted pacemakers and ICDs. The Cupertino tech giant stated such medical apparatus "might contain sensors that respond to magnets and radios when in close contact" with some Apple devices. While the company did not explain what might happen in such circumstances, an earlier study about such devices posing a serious risk to patients reveal they could cause the deactivation of the medical gizmo, leading to fatal consequences.

Keep Distance

Apple's new support document update, aside from warning patients with ICDs and pacemakers about potential serious risks of using MagSafe and iPhone 12, also suggests keeping a safe distance from some Apple products. "To avoid any potential interactions with these devices, keep your iPhone and MagSafe accessories a safe distance away from your device," Apple stated. The company suggested keeping a distance of more than 12 inches whenever they use MagSafe to charge the iPhone 12 wirelessly as it might affect the functions or cause the deactivation of some medical equipment.