Tesla reportedly halted the production of the Model S sedan and the move triggered speculations that the flagship EV is up for a significant redesign. In recent days, the car has been spotted running on the test track and public roads, and the images that circulated online suggested noticeable exterior revisions.

While pictures of the new Model S were captured from a distance, it seemed easy to see that the sedan now has a broader body, purportedly to accommodate a wider set of wheels. The outer refresh also included tweaks on the rear bumper and fog lights that make for a modern and sleek appeal.

It might be that these are superficial improvements but the redesign is meant to deliver a more fulfilling driving experience than the last version. According to Teslarati, the 2021 Model S will likely boast a more powerful battery and that means a boost to the EV's driving range.

And due to the enhanced build and design of the electric car, the aerodynamic performance is expected to be a considerable step up from the earlier builds. Tesla giving a touch of reengineering to the Model S is not a total surprise as chatters on the project have been reported a few years back.

The redesign talks mostly focused on the Model S but it was believed the automaker was also planning to give the Model X a refresh, inside and out. This undertaking was thought to be implemented in the second half of 2019 but Tesla opted for a pause to focus on the ramping up of the Model 3 production.

As soon as the pressing concerns about the Model 3 production have been settled, Tesla reportedly turned its attention to the Model S and Model X design revisions. Electrek claimed this particular project was codenamed "Palladium" and the chief component is the setting up of new production lines that will assemble the redesigned EVs.

This explains the decision to stop producing the Model S and Model X in December 2020. Tesla also issued a directive to dealerships in North America to clear out the remaining inventory of the two EV models. The plan all along is for the existing versions to be pushed out and make way for the fresh builds.

It remains unknown when exactly the new Model S and Model X versions are coming out. However, the series of developments that were revealed in the past weeks and the test runs that were observed lately in Tesla's Fremont facilities should indicate that the rollout is happening soon.