Tesla continues to grow exponentially but there is another reason Elon Musk is feeling optimistic these days. The company CEO welcomes the new occupant of the White House, specifically President Joe Biden's environmental agenda, which Musk said is laser-focused on solving the climate crisis.

Clearly, the Tesla boss is happy that the Biden administration is taking the initiatives that will bring back America at the forefront of combatting the harmful and long-term effects of climate change. Shortly after his inauguration, the new president signed an executive order that will kick off the process for Washington to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

Musk lauded the move, which is a remedy to the decision made by former President Donald Trump to withdraw from the accord while in power. In an interview with Fortune, the Tesla boss said Biden is making the bold statement that he is pro-climate and Musk said such stance is firing him up.

"I'm super fired up that the new administration is focused on climate ... I think this is great. I feel very optimistic about the future of sustainable energy with the new administration," Teslarati reported the outspoken CEO as saying.

Musk now rooting for the liberal Biden presidency seemed in stark contrast to his earlier support of Trump. The Tesla chief served as an economic advisor of the former president and backed some of Trump's policies, including relaxing the coronavirus lockdown measures.

To put it simply, Musk's actions in the past indicated that he is a supporter of Republican politics. The executive was also known for endorsing conservative candidates and donating to the party's campaign.

Musk applauding Biden came as a surprise, according to Futurism, given his record of espousing right-leaning economic policies. But to be fair, the Tesla founder did not give his explicit support to either Biden or Trump during the presidential election last November.

However, Musk is clear on one thing. He will be on Biden's side on the account of the new president's climate agenda. And his stand is in line with what Tesla is all about - the use of clean energy and the reduction of carbon footprint by eliminating the use of fossil fuel.

The Tesla boss also explained why he is no longer a fan of Trump. When the former president pulled out of the Paris accord, Musk concluded that his interest is out of synch with the Trump government so a partnership has become untenable.

Musk said he is ready to help Biden on the government's intention of protecting the environment. He declared: "We will do our best to be helpful to the new administration with respect to climate."