YouTuber Logan Paul confirmed that his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be moved to another day. Originally set on Feb. 20, it appears that speculations on whether the exhibition bout will push through or not was spot on.

The fact that the Mayweather vs. Paul lacked details with only weeks left was already an indication that something was off. That included no announcement on what rules would be used and more importantly, the venue of the fight, Boxingscene reported.

All this was confirmed no less by Paul when he appeared on Night Shift Gaming. He revealed that there were complications and that they are currently working on addressing them.

"We're figuring it out now. There were some complications with--actually, I don't know how much I can say. I will say this, the complications are when you're dealing with someone like Floyd Mayweather," Paul said.

Paul is aware that the chance to share the ring with Mayweather was rare. However, he is also aware that one should not let his guard down when dealing with the high-profile boxer. Rather than see it slip away, the best the 25-year-old can do right now is try to work things out and hope they can agree on a new fight date.

"There are a lot of hoops to jump through, there a lot of people involved, and you've only got one shot at it so you need to get it absolutely 1,000 percent right. We're just making sure we're doing that," he stated. "But yeah, I'm still going to beat the sh** out of Floyd Mayweather. Or, maybe he's going to beat the sh** out of me, who knows? Point is, it's still going to happen."

For now, the best that Paul can do is wait. He can continue maintaining the buzz to make sure that the hype behind the fight does not die down.

For his part, Mayweather has yet to issue anything tied to the fight. Before these claims, most were under the impression that the 43-year-old was busy preparing for the 25-year-old.

Either way, it remains that Mayweather is a heavy favorite to come out on top. Paul has only one official boxing match to show, a loss to fellow YouTuber KSI.

Mayweather appears content taking on exhibition fights that reel in big money. He has already had two so far, one against Conor McGregor and the other against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. On both occasions, the undefeated American earned a big payday.