Elon Musk dropped an exciting update that likely will keep Tesla fans on the edge of their seat - the all-electric Cybertruck is ready for production and the CEO said deliveries will certainly start in 2021. And things are moving forward for the monster pickup because it has been finalized.

Speaking during Tesla's quarterly earnings call on Wednesday, Musk reported that the Cybertruck engineering is completed and the project is ready for the production stage. He is not expecting that further design revisions will be implemented in the months to come so the truck is ready to roll out, possibly in the second half of the year.

The Tesla boss clarified that the initial deployment can be characterized as "few deliveries" as the volume production is not happening until 2022. There is a chance that a second unveiling will take place in the coming months and Tesla will introduce the Cybertruck's final cut, Engadget reported.

Musk is silent on the speculations that the pickup truck was subjected to a design overhaul as the first unboxing in November 2019 elicited mixed reactions. The Cybertruck's angular design was thought to be polarizing and critics predicted that the hauler could become obsolete too soon.

In a recent survey, prospective buyers of pickup trucks readily chose the competition over the Cybertruck and the study somehow confirmed that Tesla's bet has a limited appeal. For the majority of consumers, a truck's familiar look will make the cut so they preferred the conventional look of the electric Ford F-150.

Many did not embrace the Cybertruck's industrial design that it seemed possible for Tesla to re-think the EV's engineering before the mass production stage. But as things stand now, Musk indicated that manufacturing will commence this year.

He revealed that the Cybertruck production lines should be ready in the coming months and that "the equipment necessary to make the Cybertruck," will be set up soon. But the big question in everyone's mind is how exactly the Tesla beast will look in time for the rollout, according to CNET.

It could be that the truck's production version will shed a great deal of the design that was seen with the prototypes that Musk unwrapped nearly two years ago. Although Tesla may stick to the original plan as Musk recently allowed that if the Cybertruck will be short of a hit, he will create a new Tesla pickup that buyers can easily identify with.

Tesla said the Cybertruck will be assembled at Gigafactory Texas that will come online in May 2021. The deliveries will be made in stages and the company said the most powerful version, the most expensive as well, will be the first to debut and to be followed by the more affordable models in 2022.