Avid Naruto fans continue to follow the events that happened after Shippuden. While the timeframe in between each installment does not have huge lapses, things have seemingly changed since Boruto started its course.

Boruto: Next Generations is currently ongoing in the world of manga. As readers and followers remain loyal to the whole franchise, some could not hold their emotions well following the events that took place in Chapter 55.

Comic Book reported that many fans took their thoughts to social media after witnessing the latest chapter of Boruto. As stated, the majority of these individuals are now worrying over the potential additional character demises in the future.

It remains unclear as to how the Naruto series will end its entire plot. But, things will certainly continue to shock the fans as Boruto continues to drop new installments.

The publication said that many of the avid readers of the manga series now believe Masashi Kishimoto will further increase the number of dead bodies in future chapters. This comes after the 55th chapter featured the heartbreaking moment of Kurama's death.

No one seemingly foresaw the death of the nine-tail fox. Apart from playing a significant role in the series lead's life, this has since placed the entire franchise in a more volatile position in terms of the current plot's future course.

Boruto: Next Generations Chapter 55 dropped on Friday. Republic World immediately released summaries and raw spoilers of the latest installment on its platform.

As reiterated, Kurama's death is the consequence of using the Baryon mode. When Naruto and the nine-tailed fox had their last conversation, the beast explained that he only came to bid his final goodbye.

Naruto pointed out that he would not have agreed to the deal if he knew the price of his recently possessed power. Kurama, then, said that this was the reason why he did not tell him.

Later in the conversation, the beast warned Naruto that he is no longer a jinchuriki, adding that he now has to fight his battles alone. While the consequence of the Baryon mode will not affect him, the chakra he originally had will no longer be accessible in the future.

As heartbreaking as it is, Naruto fans will now have to wait for at least a month to witness the next set of events. Boruto: Next Generations Chapter 56 will drop on March 18, 2021.

Based on the synopsis, though, things will change and the storyline will move in a very different direction. As Kurama is no longer around, Naruto and the rest of the Hidden Leaf village will likely be prone to more dangers.