Lisa of BLACKPINK has returned on iQIYI's Youth With You 3. This serves as her second time on the show, wherein she, alongside three other television personalities, mentors aspiring individuals to become the next member of a Chinese group.

On the second episode of the reality competition show, the K-Pop star surprised the trainees and the viewers when she took an interest in one of the competitors. This came after the contestant impressed her with his dance performance, according to Koreaboo.

As Liang Sen stepped on the stage, everyone was, reportedly, "taken aback by his bald head." He immediately won everyone over, including the mentors, after showing off his "unique" routines.

Amid his performance, many of the trainees jumped out of their seats as they witnessed his "one-of-a-kind" choreography. Liang Sen seemingly infused his routine with humor, which made the mentors laugh.

Lisa praised the contestant after finishing his time on the stage. She said that she has "never seen something like that before," adding that the show is, also, "a place to have fun" apart from competing with others.

The BLACKPINK rapper, then, complimented Liang Sen's performance, saying that he created his own dance style, which is both "good and fluid." She eventually told him that she wants to learn the routines and asked him whether he could teach him.

Upon raising her questions, the trainees all looked shocked as Lisa is, reportedly, the "queen of dance" herself. But, without any hesitation, Liang Sen went all for it and told her that it would not be a problem.

Apart from complimenting the Youth With You 3 trainee, Lisa, also, had another concern with Liang Sen. A separate report from Koreaboo recalled what happened when the BLACKPINK member asked him about his bald head.

She began stating that she does not know whether it was "rude to ask or not." But, she went on to say that she was curious about his head and asked him if he put "some makeup" on it.

Everyone burst into laughter after hearing Lisa's statements. She explained, though, that it only piqued her curiosity because Liang Sen's head was "really shiny and dewy," as what a flawless skin would look like.

Amid the fun engagement with the BLACKPINK artist, the trainee, later on, revealed that it was "all-natural." He said that his head was shining probably due to being "in the spotlight for too long, and the oil began to beam." He, also, clarified that he did not use makeup, and it was all his natural oils.