Meghan Markle could be slowly making her way into politics now that she and her husband, Prince Harry, have told Queen Elizabeth that they will not resume their royal duties after Mar. 31.

Royal author Margaret Holder believes that Meghan will use her interview with Oprah Winfrey to declare her manifesto in entering politics. Holder said that this chat with the talk show queen would be the most ideal platform to launch her political career.

The expert's belief was compounded by Meghan and Harry's video meeting with California governor Gavin Newsom. According to People, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had an online talk with Newsom in October but sources denied it was a political call. Instead, Meghan, Harry and the governor had an "introductory meeting" as the couple settled into their life in Newsom's state.

But Holder said Meghan could be in for an unexpected ride in politics as she could be overwhelmed with the reality of campaigning for a political position. The Sussexes would also be exposed to a different level of scrutiny that they have yet to experience, even coming from the royal spotlight.

Meanwhile, a senior production staff at CBS said that Meghan and Harry filmed their interview with Winfrey a few days before telling Queen Elizabeth that they won't be coming back to the royal fold. The 90-minute chat was apparently done at the Sussex pair's Montecito home, where they are neighbors with Winfrey.

But a poll conducted by The Sun revealed that half of the British people are not interested to watch Meghan and Harry's sit-down and tell-all interview with Winfrey. A third of those who answered the poll also said that they are not happy with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's most recent actions as it is disrespectful to Queen Elizabeth.

Another poll from Daily Express revealed that 69 percent think that Meghan will be launching her bid to enter politics, with some commenting that she has the ego for it. Other royal followers do not think she will succeed in American politics as they will not vote for an England duchess.

Another critic also said that Meghan is unlikeable, has no original ideas and "rehashes other people's words." However, many agreed that the Queen must take away Harry and Meghan's Sussex titles if this happens. One commentator believes that they should just opt to call themselves Mr and Mrs.

Meghan and Harry's interview with Winfrey will air on Mar. 7 on CBS. It's not yet clear which network will carry the U.K. broadcast.