Prince Philip is spending nearly a week at a hospital in London on Monday and won't likely be discharged any time soon as fears over his state of health mount after Prince Charles' worrying visit over the weekend.

Buckingham Palace has yet to give an update on the Duke of Edinburgh's condition after Friday, when a spokesperson told the public that Philip "remains in good spirits" despite his continued hospital stay. His eldest son, however, stepped out of the hospital after a 30-minute visit looking a bit teary-eyed. Charles' face prompted speculations that all is not really well with his father.

According to reports, the Prince of Wales has not seen his father since Christmas but he made the unusual 200-mile trip to the hospital, from his home in Highgrove, despite the coronavirus restrictions. Hospitals are currently limiting visits to "exceptional circumstances" or those who might require extra care or end-of-life care.

But a source said that Charles simply wanted to see his father because Philip's hospital stay was "longer than expected." Palace insiders insisted that the Duke of Edinburgh's condition hasn't changed when he got in for an "observation" on Tuesday, Feb 16. He is expected to remain in the hospital in the coming week.

Buckingham Palace said that Philip's condition is not related to COVID-19 and it's also not an emergency situation. However, he was feeling unwell a few days before his doctors asked him to be admitted to the hospital. The Duke of Edinburgh has been isolating with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle for most of this pandemic.

In January 2021, both elderly royals had their COVID-19 vaccinations though the Palace did not reveal if they had Pfizer or Oxford AstraZeneca. In December 2019, Philip also spent four days at the hospital. He was out just hours before Christmas and spent it with his family in Sandringham.

The Duke of Edinburgh has had a number of serious ailments and hospitalizations in the past as well. He had a blocked coronary artery in 2011, a bladder infection in 2012 and an exploratory surgery in 2013. He's been wearing a hearing aid since 2014.

Philip is celebrating his 100th birthday this June but has told royal aides he doesn't want any fuss and doesn't want to participate in the planning of his milestone year. The royal staff dubbed the Duke of Edinburgh as a "reluctant celebrant" and admitted they couldn't make plans because the Queen's husband doesn't want the fuss.