Hyun Bin recently talked about his career, his upcoming projects, and more during an interview with GQ Korea. The actor took part in a pictorial for the latest issue of the magazine, where he sported several athletic outfits in the photos.

In the first part of the interview, Hyun Bin revealed that's the usual equipment he's using when he exercises are dumbbells. He said that he's enjoying working out his shoulder, that's why he uses dumbbells. Even though he said that "shoulder workouts are painful," he feels rewarded because of it.

When it comes to his role in the hit Korean drama Crash Landing On You, the actor was asked how it felt being at the center of attention. He noted that "it feels crazy" and since he can't meet his fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he expressed his feelings through handwritten letters.

Hyun Bin explained why he treasures handwritten letters despite the access social media could provide. He said that they were the "best alternative" to him since it is an "old-fashioned way" of telling and expressing your deepest feelings.

As for taking part in certain projects, the actor said that he's curious about new things and he's open to challenges. When asked whether or not he poured his all into his career, he said that he made what he thought the best choices for him when choosing projects.

The actor's next project is the sequel for the 2017 film Confidential Assignment, where he plays the North Korean detective Rim Chul Ryung. He said that wants to alter his character in the sequel since viewers may find him boring if he sticks to his role in the first film.

Meanwhile, he shared that sincerity is what he valued the most as an actor. Although he's been under the public eyes for many years, Hyun Bin said he doesn't want to go on a different route. He noted that he doesn't regret anything and he keeps on following the path he was given.

When asked what with a title of the book of his life, he answered "Appetizer" and "Act 1 of 3." The actor explained that he comes up with the former because "the main course hasn't yet arrived," while the latter is all about considering his age.

In the final part of the interview, Hyun Bin shared some of his goals for 2021. He said that his upcoming film The Point Men is in the later stages of production. He added that he wanted to overcome COVID-19 and "greet everyone on stage" with the movie.