BTS member Suga once took care of a former trainee, Jihoon, during their early days with the famous South Korean boyband despite struggling with his finances himself.

According to reports, the rap artist took care of Jihoon's hospitalization and kept by his friend's side to ensure that Jihoon gets the emergency treatment he needed.

Suga was not yet earning a lot as a BTS trainee but he took Jihoon to one of the most expensive hospitals in South Korea to get the best care. He also took care of the bills and fortunately Jihoon recovered fast from his illness.

The BTS rapper recently returned to work after recovering from surgery for his chronic shoulder pain, which he injured while working at a part-time job during his days as a student. Suga had to put off this surgery for more than eight years because he had a tight budget and lost a lot of cash selling his music before their band became a hit. According to reports, Suga's kindness to Jihoon brought on good karma because Bang Si Hyuk, the boss of Big Entertainment, which manages BTS, agreed to help him out.

Suga, who became the second member of BTS after RM, has always been on the lookout for the trainees. In a previous TV appearance, K, a former trainee, revealed that Suga helped him get over his insecurities with his appearance.

It was the pioneering BTS member who made him see that their work is not just about good looks but more about talent and having real confidence on stage or on the screen. It's also about maintaining that charm despite having feelings of inadequacy.

Now that he's a big star, Suga still reaches out to those in need and may have been doing more because he has the resources to help. He doesn't have any qualms donating millions to causes that help uplift the lives of other people. He's especially concerned for his hometown, Daegu, South Korea's fourth-largest city.

Meanwhile, Suga and his BTS buddies are getting ready for a special performance on MTV Unplugged, which also features the greatest international music artists like Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney. The group has also unveiled seven short videos for Life Goes On, their latest hit. The band is still promoting the release of their new album, Be, which dropped in November 2020.