Fans are about to learn more about Boruto and his powers in Boruto Episode 188, titled "Awakening." The new installment will finally reveal what is Kawaki to Boruto, his possible role to the group, and the importance of the karma seal.

The karma seal itself will play a major role in the anime's storyline. By the looks of it, viewers are about to know more about what is happening in Boruto's body in Boruto Episode 188.

In the new episode trailer, Code and Jigen talk about how Kawaki has successfully defeated all of the puppets and escaped the Kara headquarters. When Team 7 meets Kawaki along the way, a huge crater, where the latter fell, is formed.

Later, amid the chaos, Kawaki and Boruto appear to have a similar symbol on their hands--the Karma seal. Kawaki will then reveal what this symbol is, its meaning, and everything behind it in Boruto Episode 188

According to BlockToro, something that happens to Boruto's body makes Kashin Koji very interested. Fortunately, they later escape this enemy and will make their way back to the village.

In Boruto Episode 187, Koji made his presence felt when he summoned Steam Toad. A porting of the shattered tower then broke, and the debris fell on Ao that ultimately resulted in his demise.

However, before his death, he managed to move Boruto away using his Water Style: Water Shockwave. Koji was confused about Ao's move, thinking if he just wanted to do a heroic act or wanted to die a Shinobi, The Cinemaholic noted.

He then trapped Boruto and his pals by using Sealing Jutsu Frog Gulp on them. However, Konohamaru managed to nullify its effect on him, so he faced Koji alone.

As he seemed to be of no match to Koji's abilities, Boruto inadvertently activated his Karma seal that absorbed the sealing Jutsu and the flames around Konohamaru. Koji then escaped, and the group buried Ao soon after he left. Elsewhere, fans also saw Delta and Code, who wondered if Koji and Boro were traitors.

It looks like there will be a lot of revelations when Boruto Episode 188 drops on Sunday, February 28, at 5:30 p.m. Japan Standard Time, per OtakuKart News. Fans can see it on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation.

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