GOT7 may have parted ways with JYP Entertainment but, the members' careers are far from over. One of the group's vocalists recently sat down with ELLE Korea for the "My Name Tag" segment.

Apart from sharing the backstories of his most favorite belongings, Yugyeom, also, assured the Aghases and iGot7s that "it is not yet the end" for the K-Pop idols as a band.

He began the engagement by talking about his "vintage" iPhone, according to Koreaboo. Upon explaining how he has not been able to take good care of it, adding that he has already changed his phone five times, he gave it the nickname "hammer."

The K-Pop idol continued the segment with his favorite bag, which he received from one of his fans a few years ago. He shared that it has already traveled to several places, considering that he has been using it for five to six years.

Yugyeom, later on, showed off his necklace with a triangle pendant. He stated that all members of GOT7 have their own necklaces, which becomes a heptagon piece if the pendants are all put together.

He called it the "White Dandelion," and said it has a "very special meaning." Alongside the jewelry piece, he flaunted his luxurious Fendi and Rolex watches, which members Jackson and BamBam gifted him, respectively.

The outlet, also, mentioned Yugyeom's Cartier bracelet. In the sit-down interview, the GOT7 singer revealed that he received it from his fellow '97 liner friends. To mark his birthday, '97 liners' Jungkook of BTS, Mingyu of SEVENTEEN, Eunwoo of ASTRO, and Jaehyun of NCT pitched an amount and bought it for him.

Before ending the segment, Yugyeom took his newly acquired cap out and explained why it is significant. He asserted that AOMG gave it to him after striking up a deal with the label.

While his new record has seemingly sparked conversations among fans, the GOT7 member took the opportunity to calm the fandom down. He said that their group is "very much still together," and they did not break up despite signing a contract with AOMG.

NME recently released a similar report, centering on the GOT7 singer's arrival to AOMG. On Friday, Yugyeom announced that he closed a deal with the hip-hop label weeks after leaving their longtime agency, JYP Entertainment.

The K-Pop idol unveiled the reason for his AOMG partnership, stating that he and the label have the same "direction" when it comes to his musical endeavors. He pointed out that working with "diverse musicians" at his new agency is something he aspires to do.

In Soompi's translations, Yugyeom, also, claimed that AOMG recruited him despite being an active idol. This is, reportedly, the first time that they did it, and it is with him.