Weight loss and gain have become trendy topics in the world of K-Pop. As the discussions across many platforms continue, EXO members Sehun and Baekhyun recently sparked debates among fans on Friday.

AllKpop reported that many followers of both celebrities seemingly had heated exchanges of words on social media following Sehun's Instagram live. As explained, the youngest member of the South Korean boy band revealed that he had stopped eating because someone told him about his weight gain.

When one of the fans asked about the matter and who specifically told him, Sehun replied that it was his co-member Baekhyun. This, then, caused many netizens to react and make comments negatively on media platforms.

The publication said several fans of the EXO's youngest member appeared to have gotten mad toward Baekhyun. Many individuals even emphasized how "insensitive" and wrong it was for him to make comments about Sehun's weight.

As the criticisms persisted, many of Baekhyun's fans defended him amid the issue. Some of them explained that the K-Pop star did not do it to criticize or make fun of Sehun.

Others, later on, released a copy of the exact translation of what Sehun shared during his Instagram live. Based on the post, the K-Pop artist, reportedly, shared that he was hungry earlier but, it was already dawn, and he no longer eats at that time of the day. He continued that he started to avoid late-night snacks, and has since chosen to eat salads in the morning.

On the other hand, some netizens found out what Sehun's co-EXO member exactly said about his "weight gain." As claimed, Baekhyun shared in his own live video that Sehun "used to eat very little" in the past.

The K-Pop idol, also, unveiled that his groupmate would not eat anymore "once he's full." However, this seemingly changed these days as he "seemed to have put on a little weight compared to when I saw him previously."

Following all the "receipts" that the fans have produced on social media, many K-Pop followers stated that some "solo stans" overanalyzed and twisted the words of the EXO members. Numerous individuals eventually urged everyone to stop doing it as it only causes unnecessary heated discussions.

There are some people, as well, who pointed out that Sehun and Baekhyun have a great, close friendship. Accordingly, if the latter's comments did not offend the former, then, there is no problem at all, in the first place.

Koreaboo previously attested to the close relationship that the two EXO members have. As stated, Sehun and Baekhyun have had "countless 'Friendship Goals' moments since their debut."

The outlet even deemed the friendship as a "one of a kind" type. This, accordingly, appears to have proven that all will likely be well between the South Korean celebrities, despite their respective fans' assertions.