Senku and the gang are now planning to attack the Cave of Miracles and dominate the place in Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8. If this happens, can they have the upper hand in the war, knowing it holds a lot of devices that they can use against the Tsukasa Empire?

The war will continue in Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8, and Senku has a new ally with Ukyo. However, as he comes from the enemies' side, can the protagonist trust the modern-day survivor who Tsukasa revived?

Science User Chrome managed to escape Tsukasa's men from the prison, thanks to his incredible skills. As this seemed to ignite the final flame between Senku and Tsukasa's war, the fight would continue in the next episode.

Things are getting pretty intense as the anime continues. Episode 7 started the climax of the science war after discovering the communication wires and cell phones. Senku and his pals are now ready to conquer the Cave of Miracles.

As this happens, they will be preparing for an attack in Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8. According to Recent Highlights, fans are about to see an epic fight as the paper tank that Senku made will be in action.

Taiju may also play a major role in this battle, and he may use his great cheat level of power and toughness here. With his joint forces with Senku, it is a must-see how these two will face the enemies at the cave.

If Senku manages to control the cave, can Tsukasa come up with a plan to counter him? It looks like a great battle of science is about to happen in Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8.

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 7, Kohaku spotted Chrome in the forest after he escaped Tsukasa Empire by fooling Uei. This made Kaseki happy, knowing Steam Gorilla didn't need to be destroyed.

He then drove it to show to Chrome and he seemed to be surprised. Senku then revealed they would use Steam Gorilla in the final battle instead to take over the Cave of Miracles, OtakuKart News noted.

Senku wanted to have access to the nitric acid brewing in the cave. If they did so, they could use it to create revival fluid and gunpowder.

Also, Kinro realized that if their attack were successful, Tsukasa wouldn't have any more men. Ginro added they would have the chance to obtain the ultimate weapons of science there.

Anyhow, for Senku, the victory between the war of the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire didn't mean they had to kill all the enemies.

Dr. Stones Season 2 Episode 8 will drop on Friday, March 5, for premium Crunchyroll users and on March 12 for free users, per Epic Stream. It can also be seen on Funimation.

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