My Hero Academia Chapter 304 will be a new start for the Pro Heroes. With the possibility that Deku will finally wake up, a move against Dabi is also in the works.

The heroes will redeem themselves in My Hero Academia Chapter 304. Also, fans may get to know more about the past One for All users, the quirks' history, and more. 

It has been two months since Deku was last seen active. As he may finally rise again, the next installment may mostly focus on him.

According to BlockToro, his talk with other One for All users while unconscious may finally be revealed. However, the new chapter may instead feature the heroes' reaction to One for All and how Deku has become connected to them.

Until today, it remains to be a big mystery as to how a quirk can be passed down even though its holders are not related to each other. There are theories Endeavor may feel bad if he finally learns the secret behind One for All quirk in My Hero Academia Chapter 304.

He may now know what makes Deku unique compared to the other heroes. Anyhow, he may finally realize he has pushed so hard to reach his limit, unbeknownst that he can never surpass All Might, who possesses One for All abilities.

There may be an emotional turn of events with the revelation of Endeavor and All for One's difference and the hiding of the One for All secret.

Meanwhile, Recent Highlights noted My Hero Academia Chapter 304 might feature a search for Dabi. The villain has sustained severe injuries, and so he is recuperating and waiting for his fire to return.

Fans may also get to see what happened after the day that Dabi burned himself in the forest and who saved him. Several questions are surrounding his personality since he has changed from Touya to Dabi.

Though it may not be revealed this time, fans will eventually get to know everything about him as the manga continues. Anyhow, with the joined forces of the top three heroes, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist, can they finally get the better of Dabi?

By the looks of it, Endeavor is now back to redeem himself. He is now coming out and facing the public amid the ongoing chaos.

All these and more are about to be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 304 drops on Sunday, March 7, per Omnitos.

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