One Piece Chapter 1006 will continue the intense battle in Wano. Jack has found the Nine Red Scabbards' location that put the nine retainers' lives in danger.

The Beast Pirates' All-Star plans to eradicate the group in One Piece Chapter 1006. As Sanji is the only one who knows about Jack's plan, he will surely make his move to stop it.

Sanji will be redeeming himself in the next installment, letting his star shine after Black Maria's beatings. As some fans seem to be disappointed that he has to ask for Nico Robin's help, he will finally show what he really got in his battle against Jack.

According to BlockToro, Sanji will be experiencing significant character growth when he tries to save the Nine Red Scabbards. Despite sustaining severe injuries, he will use his Raid suit to face the also already-injured Jack.

Elsewhere, fans will have a glimpse of Black Maria and Robin's brawl. Who do you think will win between these two in One Piece Chapter 1006?

In One Piece Chapter 1005, fans continuously saw the war between Luffy's the Straw Hat Pirates, Kaido's Beats Pirates, and their allies. After the mystery that surrounded the mysterious shadow at the end of Chapter 1004, the person behind it was finally revealed to be Kumorasaki/Hiyorie.

Amid the many fights and severe injuries everyone got, she arrived to heal everyone, Republic World noted. Meanwhile, after Sanji cried for help, Robin came with Brook to save him from Black Maria's web.

Sanji was finally free, so he made himself ready to help others, join the fight, and face King. This meant Robin and Brook were left to bring Black Maria down. However, the Shinuchi revealed she had a secret weapon that could defeat Nico and Brook.

These intense turn of events will continue when One Piece Chapter 1006 drops on Sunday, March 7, per OtakuKart News. Fortunately, there will be no break this time, and Eiichiro Oda will continue his work to stick to the manga's regular schedule.

Fans can see the new chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus. On the other hand, the new chapter's raw scans and spoilers will drop two to three days before the official release date comes. So, it may fall on Thursday, March 4, or Friday, March 5.

Do you think Sanji, Robin, and Brook will win over their formidable enemies in One Piece Chapter 1006? Share your comments below.