Rain appeared as a guest in the Feb. 27 episode of MBC's popular variety show, The Manager. The singer shared a glimpse of his personal life, including the first floor of his house and his car. He also talked about his wife, Kim Tae Hee, and why he often eats without her.

The celebrity panelists of The Manager watched the footage of Rain's home gym, which comes with a lot of exercise equipment, a large-screen television, and a piano. Then, the singer went on to say that it was the first floor of his home.

Aside from the gym equipment, the first floor also has a wine cellar and a place for the couple's trophy collections. They displayed the awards that they won for their work in the entertainment industry over the past years. Later in the episode, the singer talked about his hobby.

Rain shares his interests in restaurants that served delicious food. He revealed that he was into finding the tastiest spots to eat in the past -- and even ate five meals a day. When one of the panelists asked he didn't bring Kim Tae Hee along, he answered: "We can't go together."

The singer explained that both of them have very different eating patterns. He said that his wife is contented with just eating a bowl of soup, while he wants to eat a lot of different kinds of food -- like meat and fish. Yet, he clarified that he occasionally takes Kim Tae Hee out to eat at places that accept reservations.

During Rain's guest appearance in the variety show My Ugly Duckling in December 2020, the singer also talked about his marriage with his wife. He said that he does everything on his own in the house and tries not to get help from Kim Tae Hee for most things.

The singer added that he does the cooking but he's particular about the exact amount. He explained that he buys his own food and asks his wife in advance what she wants to eat. If no one wants it, he'll just prepare a meal for himself and clean up everything afterward.

Going back to The Manager's episode, Rain went to the dance studio after working out in his gym. He and Chungha practiced together for their collaboration track "WHY DON'T WE." While watching the clip, the singer praised her and said that he is impressed by her talent and how good of a dancer she was.