An Indian man was killed when a rooster he armed with razors for use in a cockfight instead "stabbed him to death,"  Insider reported on Monday, citing the Associated Press.

The rooster was fitted with a three-inch blade around its foot when it fluttered in panic and repeatedly struck its handler to the groin during practice for an illegal cockfight, police said Sunday.

The victim, identified as 45-year old Thangulla Satish, died of blood loss on his way to a local hospital.

"He was hit by the rooster's knife in his groin and started bleeding heavily," The New York Post quoted police inspector B. Jeevan as saying.

Satish was among 16 locals who organized the cockfight in the village of Lothunur in the Indian state of Telegana, AP said.

The police are currently searching for the other 15 organizers, who could face manslaughter charges. Each can spend two years in jail, if found guilty of the charges, Al-Jazeera reported.

The rooster survived, with photos of the bird tied with a rope and pecking on grains at the police station going viral on social media.

Authorities in Telangana have said that they will bring to court the rooster, named "Raja" that accidentally killed its owner.

It's common practice for roosters to be fitted with sharp razor blades in order to kill the opposing bird on the cockpit.

Some local news channels reported that the police have "arrested" the bird, showing visuals of the animal tied at the police station.

The police, however, denied that the bird was arrested or under police custody, according to Gulf News.