Though it has only been three months since fans last saw Raizel and Frankenstein on the small screen, the talks are now on for Noblesse Season 2. Viewers strongly believe there will be a second season for the anime, but the lack of details and other updates make the wait bothersome.

The franchise has been part of the Big 3 of Manhwa, along with Tower of God and The God of High School. Although it can't be denied that Lee Gwang-Su's brainchild is popular, the coming Noblesse Season 2 still depends on three things: source material, funding, and good ratings.

According to Recent Highlights, the title's manga series came to an end in 2019. It has a total of eight volumes, and each one covers a couple of story arcs.

The anime's first season, on the other hand, concluded in December 2020 with 13 episodes. It covered the Lukedonia arc, which was supposed to be part of the second season.

This only means that there is enough source material for the adaptation of Noblesse Season 2. There is even enough to cover "a bunch of backlog chapters" for the series.

Talking about the funding, there is said to be a little problem in this area. The publication noted Crunchyroll webtoon adaptations hadn't announced any sequel yet.

As Noblesse is the latest adaptation, it looks like fans still have to wait for an official announcement if it will truly come. Popularity-wise, there is no doubt that the manhwa has reached an incredible level of fame, being part of the 100 Myanimelist manga rankings.

However, it seems to be a different question when it comes to the anime series. With its subpar production and messed-up plot, the first season received a low rating. So, it remains to be seen if there will be Noblesse Season 2 due to these reasons.

However, if the second comes to fruition, Monsters and Critics cited it might start adapting the manga's Chapter 201 forward. It has to introduce a major villain first by summarizing Chapters 80 to 90.

Although the first season has solved the trouble inside Lukedonia, the second season may feature another problem coming to the country's doorstep. The story needs a backup to formally introduce the Union leader Dr. Crombel.

He will be leading the M-21's first powered-up fight by eliminating researchers and releasing an experimental subject. As the anime has been adapting story arcs out of order, the M-21 and the enemy may be visually upgraded.

Meanwhile, although Noblesse Season 2 is not officially announced yet, there are theories it may be out in 2022, per The Cinemaholic.

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