Fans have been waiting for the coming of One Punch Man Chapter 140 since the previous installment dropped more than a month ago. As Yusuke Murata himself remains mum about the release, what has probably happened to the series?

One Punch Man Chapter 139 dropped on January 25. Since then, there is no update given about One Punch Man Chapter 140, making the wait a pain in the neck.

Murata hasn't given any news about the much-awaited chapter on Twitter. As fans continuously wait, there are assumptions the next installment's release will take some time before it finally happens.

According to BlockToro, Chapter 140 will be unquestionably out between March 7 and 10. The maximum waiting time for the manga's release will not take more than 40 days, though there are hopes it will not go beyond that.

Anyhow, once Murata gives any update on Twitter, particularly about its manuscript, One Punch Man Chapter 140 will surely be out in two to three days. So, fans don't have to worry about the manga's future as it is not following any schedule.

The delay doesn't mean it is canceled, and Saitama's story will surely continue. Now, all fans have to do is wait a little longer for Murata's tweet about the series.

So, what will happen when the manga finally drops? Spoiler Guy noted Saitama is now back in the game.

With his appearance in the previous chapter, fans expect him to be part of One Punch Man Chapter 140. Blast's formal arrival has sent the notable characters to the surface, meaning they can now regroup with others.

Does this mean there will be new monsters to deal with that they need Saitama's help? It remains to be seen what will happen next, but Chapter 139 showed an exciting turn of events.

Blast claimed he is the Number 1 hero in front of Saitama, raising doubts that the Caped Baldy might not be the strongest of them all. However, the franchise's title would never be named after the protagonist's ability for nothing.

Sure, Blast may match or become a formidable enemy, but Saitama may still be superior to him one way or another. In addition, several theories are now surrounding One Punch Man Chapter 140, suggesting the Cardres arrival to give the heroes another headache, per Omnitos.

Their arrival may put pressure on the heroes, giving Saitama the reason to fight seriously. Though it remains to be seen what chaos they bring, it will be another tough fight for Saitama and friends.

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