The latest Run BTS episode almost gave fans a heart attack after seeing their favorite BTS members wet and wild. The group had competed with each other in the pool, making fans see them in all their full damp glory.

The pool fight resulted in Jimin's dramatic transformation, which made fans swoon at his duality. He also recreated the iconic Jack and Rose-pose from Titanic with Jungkook that made fans crazy. As BTS managed to rock fans' world in just a single episode, here are their funny reactions online.

The Pool Fights

Run BTS Episode 131 turned out to be the most favorite with the septet's hilarious banter and antics. Fans couldn't help but share their reactions on Twitter, and there were a lot of them, actually, per Koreaboo.

With this episode's wildness, Twitter user Seokjinbit wondered how the producers pitched this to the network. It seemed to be a "long long bath" of the group that made fans celebrated.

Some of the most favorite scenes here were the screaming Kim Taehyung, who looked so done to his "Hyungs" and asking for help. They also loved how the editors put puppy ears on Jungkook that made him look the cutest.

Jimin's Duality

If there's one thing that fans commended the most, it's probably Jimin's duality. When the BTS singer-songwriter got his hair wet, he turned from cute to fierce, making him the epitome of hotness in an instant.

Once again, fans couldn't help but share their comments about Jimin's unbelievable transformation, Elite Daily noted. Indeed, he and Sugar got out of the pool "beautifully" after they fell together following a fight.

One fan showed how comical he looked when he's all dry, while the wet Jimin could easily make anyone fell in love. Another noticed his incredible duality that seemed to have emerged when he's wet.

Twitter user Lilmeowmeow asked how Jimin managed to change his aura that quick. To stop the craze, one fan asked Jimin not to touch the water because his duality was going to a magnificent level.

Taehyung, Jungkook's Titanic parody

Another event that made Episode 131 the most favorite Run BTS Episode was the hilarious Titanic parody of Taehyung and Jungkook. These two played Jack and Rose, giving birth to the names Kate Minslet and Leonardo JungCaprio.

Twitter user Soo Choi said their scene should be called "Return of Titanic" via Meaww. This event also reminded fans of the time they played as Jimmeo and Kookliet, giving them the name Jikook.

As fans seem to have calmed themselves with BTS's amusing way to entertain fans, Run BTS is considered a "light in the darkness." One fan even said that its content made everyone happy.