Dr. Stone Chapter 188 has a lot of questions to answer after American soldiers saw Tsukasa, Hyoga, and Kohaku. Can these three escape Stanley's troops?

Tsukasa, Hyoga, Kohaku also have to save Suika in Dr. Stone Chapter 188. However, with the army's threat, ready to shoot them with a rain of bullets, it remains to be seen if they can do so.

The Science team will never go down without a good fight. As the war continues, a set of soldiers will not make them afraid.

According to Epic Dope, Tsukasa, Hyoga, and Kohaku will do their best to save Suika and destroy Stanley's communication system. Though this won't be easy, knowing Tsukasa and Hyoga are still recuperating from their bullet injuries, they promise to work together to succeed.

As part of Senku's science genius team, they may develop a new invention that may change the war's tide in Dr. Stone Chapter 188. OtakuKart News added the final battle is about to begin.

In Dr. Stone Chapter 187, Francois, Mitsukaze, Suika, and Ginro had surrendered in front of Stanley. Francois had to act knowing that the enemy was ready to shoot if they didn't cooperate.

However, she managed to send Senku the signal, informing him of their location. After Senku received it, he now knew what to do.

Knowing the enemy's location was Senku's key to start the final battle against Stanley. Anyhow, Genk reminded Senku to be very careful as Stanley held Suika and others captive.

Thinking of who would protect their allies, Kohaku was instantly on the move and ready to save their pals at full speed. Ryusui noticed what Kohaku was doing and told her how risky it was.

Anyhow, Senku knew they would be the victors of this war and asked his crew to activate the petrification device before Stanley's people arrived. But with Kohaku charging at the enemy, she might help delay their arrival.

Elsewhere, Suika was assessing how powerful the enemies were. While Stanley's gang made their way to Senku, Kohaku was watching them on top of the trees.

Later, she knew who the leader was. Hyoga and Tsukasa suddenly arrived behind here, and from here, an epic battle began.

Dr. Stone Chapter 188 is set to be out on Sunday, March 7, per Anime Manga News. Fans can read it on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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