Blackpink is one of the most famous all-girls K-Pop groups of today. Since they first met over ten years ago and debuted in 2016, they remain to have a close-knit relationship.

Although they have different personalities, it can't be denied that Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose have a powerful bond that no one can destroy. Take a glimpse of the Blackpink girls' remarkable closeness that has brought them to fame.

The classy and the craziest

Sure, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose have different characters, but their dynamics make their bond stronger. According to Koreaboo, you can divide them into two separate groups--the classy and the crazy.

Jennie and Rose are the classy ones, while Jisoo and Lisa are the crazies. Why? The latter two are not afraid to show their goofy sides.

They always act crazy on TV or stage. No, they never look annoying, but a lot cuter, in fact, that makes fans love them more.

Alternatively, Jennie and Rose have always been displaying prim and proper attitude. They are always calm, elegant, and everything they do is a work of art.

Supporting Each Other

If Blackpink has a strong support system, it is themselves. Recently, Jennie and Lisa show their massive support to Jisoo, who has a new drama project, Snowdrop, Soompi noted.


As the cameras start rolling for the show, the two send their bandmate coffee and snack trucks to keep her and her crew full and awake. The 26-year-old star proudly posts their gifts on Instagram, showing the banner Jennie sent that read, "Please take good care of my Jicho."

Jennie also asks Jisoo to give her new character a nickname and expresses her love for her. Lisa, on the other hand, uses the series' three-line acrostic poem in her banner. Of course, Rose sends her a gift, too, and it is the same coffee truck.


Even when Blackpink is on a day off, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose still love to spend time with each other. In an interview with People, Jennie said it was quite weird not to have each other around after spending ten years together.

They usually consult one another, even with the littlest thing, like wearing an outfit for the day. They are used to ask for each other's advice and opinions, not to mention hanging out. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose call themselves sisters, leaning on their tight bond despite their differences.

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