Meghan Markle has a squad of celebrity friends coming out to defend her against claims that she bullied staff members working for the royal family.

People have been speaking up to show their support for Meghan, especially after clips of her interview with Oprah Winfrey surfaced. In these clips, the Duchess of Sussex also accused the Palace of perpetuating lies about her, prompting many of her friends to slam the royals.

Leading the charge is Patrick J. Adams, who played Meghan's TV husband in the series Suits, In an emotional Twitter post, the actor said that he is sickened to see how the royal family has treated Meghan.

Adams also said that the royal family underestimated the power and voice of his friend. He also called the royal family a shameless institution that is no longer relevant.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh tweeted that while he doesn't know the specifics of Meghan's fight with Buckingham Palace, he most certainly could attest that the former TV star is not a monster. Korsh described Meghan as a strong woman with a kind heart.

Lindsay Roth, a producer from Suits also posted her defense on Instagram, saying that she has always known the former actress to have goodwill running in her bones. As someone who has known the Duchess of Sussex for 22 years, Roth said that she saw firsthand how Meghan treats people.

Janina Gavankar was also an actress trying to make it in Hollywood when she met Meghan. They have been friends for 17 years and she described Prince Harry's wife as "kind, strong, open."

Angela Harvey, who also worked on Suits, said that everyone on the set of the TV show loved Meghan. The writer said that she does not believe the bullying narrative for "microsecond." Silver Tree, another producer on Suits, said that Meghan is a selfless person who didn't change when she married into royalty.

The accounts and testimonies come as CBS is set to air Meghan and Harry's first major TV interview. Days prior to the airing, a report from The Times revealed that the Duchess of Sussex allegedly made at least three people in the royal staff cry.

Meghan's lawyers denied the claims and said that the bullying story is another attack on her character. Buckingham Palace, however, denied that this is a calculated move to discredit Meghan and also stated that they will investigate the bullying claims, which happened in 2018.