Black Clover anime has officially come to an end, but its final episode closes with an open ending. It leaves room for the series to return, though it remains to be seen in what form it will be.

If ever the Black Clover anime makes a triumphant comeback, it looks like it will feature the Spade Kingdom arc. Does this mean there will be a new season, or will it be the newly-announced movie's theme?

According to Comicbook, the anime series ends sooner than expected due to its fast pacing that quickly caught it up to the manga. But it ends with an open door, though, meaning there may be more to come.

The final episode mostly showed Asta and Liebe, but it did feature an expanded storyline in the end. The Black Bulls started training, and the guild was determined to be much stronger before they fight the Spade Kingdom next.

Did it mean Black Clover anime would cover the Spade Kingdom arc? The series didn't feature an official ending but a teaser for its return.

Asta, Noelle, Yuno, and the rest of the gang were hard at work to hone their skills and abilities. In the manga's Spade Kingdom arc, everyone did the same.

There is no official announcement if the series will return to the small screen or this teaser will apply for the upcoming movie, so fans have to wait for what will happen next. The manga needs to go ahead further before the anime can continue.

By the looks of it, Black Clover anime can only resume when Yuki Tabata finishes off the manga. Meanwhile, fans can assure of Asta, Nacht, Yuno, and others's return on the big screen, Polygon noted.

Shonen Jump announced the anime movie adaptation, along with a short teaser. However, it didn't give much information about the upcoming film.

Instead, it mainly highlights the works going on behind the scenes, its popularity worldwide, and some anime sequences. It doesn't drop any hint at what its plot may be as of the moment, per Anime News Network.

The Black Clover movie announcement drops two days before the anime series' final episode comes. The show started airing in 2017 and ran for four years.

It officially came to a close with Episode 170, which dropped on Tuesday, March 30. The manga, on the other hand, started serialization in 2015 and is still ongoing. It's about to release its 28th volume on Friday, April 2.

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